St. Patrick's Fettucine with broccoli

St. Patrick's Fettucine with broccoli

A delicious and all green St. Patrick's day pasta recipe that cooks up in just 15 minutes. Perfect for serving informed eater friends and family at a St. Patrick's day party. 

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan 


  • GAFELL - Fettuccine made from Green Soybeans
  • Cheese free pesto
  • Cashew nuts
  • Broccoli
  • Salt


1. Boil water in a large pot, lightly salt and boil pasta for 5 minutes to al dente or longer if you enjoy a softer pasta. 

2. Cut broccoli into small florets and roughly chop cashews.

3. When pasta is done cooking, quickly blanch broccoli for 1 minute. Strain out the water.

4. Mix fettuccine, pesto, broccoli and cashews.